Mardi 30 novembre 2010

what was written inside this

"Give them!" Terenas, said. Bernard took the hands hammer, jaina took the letter, letter has been wax is sealed, top still cover lordaeron badge.

"This weapon reallywow gold heavy." Bernard stare at the glaring aureate glorious embarked on the blue bludgeonat the hammer, oddly shaped, the central place like spear end, each one went around corners in curved like iron hook strong the terminal.

"Just I haven't got the truth tell rui wen dell, actually this morning I knew stratholme thing," terenas, said flatly. "Uther in flying letters written clearly, although is short a few lines, but I also understand arthas or too young." He looked at Bernard and jaina eye, continued. "Please, put the letter to ASHLEY lahm, bludgeonat gave Alsace."

"Although wondered what was written inside this, but I hope that it is able to save arthas things." Jaina letters income robe inside, said.

"This weapon's great, I just want to know his history." Bernard fascination delight to say.

"I met you at the first sight when they recognized cheap wow goldyou are the Bernard, frankly durnholde lookouts the events you will be condemned to death, but the orcs since left that is nothing to worry about. Terenas, said. "I don't doubt your sincere, because you can stay in mainland, continue to persuade other ethnic groups to leave you, can explain the purpose is to let everyone from calamity. It was a who calls herself a prophetess and you said about, but I refused." With a smile, he shook his head, and say. "I'm sorry, I still can't agree, here is the patriarch with the life guard homes, cannot on the my hand ruined."

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