Mardi 05 octobre 2010

many glasses industry development stage danyang

25th afternoon in MaGengLiang vice mayor, accompanied by provincial industry and commerce system of danyang, create brand cultivation base of industrial cluster eyeglasses online glasses on the acceptance inspection.

In recent years, many glasses industry development stage danyang, construction planning and encourage industrial policy, glasses city, glasses, and actively guide carrier agglomeration glasses enterprise brand, and constantly improve the popularity and reputation in danyang glasses. At present, the glasses and related industries in the industrial enterprise, employees have 1153 exceeding 60,000 people, has become the largest and most influential danyang, market share glasses the highest characteristic industrial clusters. Next, danyang will also to continue to ascend the scale, glasses and quality and brand content of science and technology.

In the investigation and million new company haichang production workshops, scientific equipment and office products, and listen to the overall situation after glasses frames reporting glasses industry, provincial examination of danyang glasses assessment team all industrial cluster of brand cultivation base to create a circumstance to give a highly.

Par agglomeratio - 4 commentaire(s)le 05 octobre 2010

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